I've written two books so far. Here they are shown below. You can buy them on Amazon.com by clicking the title below.


Endure the Dawn. Aviation was in its infancy in World War I. Men of iron threw their rickety planes of wood and fabric around the sky so furiously they sometimes fell apart. Nearly half of them died, many in their first few days. Heroes rose up as well. The daring exploits of the aces captivated the folks back home. Chivalry and horrifying death joined hands in an era that will never be seen again.
     Enamored with these knights of the sky and frustrated by America’s isolationism, two friends, Jimmy Arneson and Hank Jacobs, volunteer for the British Royal Flying Corps. Thrust into the melee, each must fight his own battles and their enduring friendship will be tested in the dawn of flight.


The Software Project Rosetta Stone: Use Case Analysis. This was the first book I wrote. It helps software development teams and project managers improve their requirements analysis and estimating results.